Slippery when wet: Watersports

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By Virginia Heart

“Oh my god! She just sent me a video of herself. She managed pissing into her own mouth. She’s an angel!”

“How did she pull that off? And you’re into watersports?”

One of the perks of a friendship that began with an unsolicited dick-pick is the lack of inhibitions. So when my friend Helmutt (yep, he was allowed to choose this alias) told me of his adventurous new flame I just fired away with all my questions.

To release some tension beforehand, she managed the manoeuvre by doing a shoulder-stand in her tiled bathroom after chugging roughly two litres of water in a very short time.


Watersports gone wrong.

So Helmutt, how did you notice you are into watersports? He went on to explain that he met a stunning Scottish girl when he was about eighteen and figuring out his kinks. With Helmutt living in London and her somewhere in Scotland, a lot of their fantasies played out via phone calls or texts. One time, while they were trying to explore each others‘ boundaries. He loves being dominant and she asked him to urinate on her breasts. According to my London friend, this was groundbreaking to him. It opened up a whole new world of erotic possibilities and had him view his preferences from a new angle. To him, watersports or Golden Showers provide a special way of asserting his dominance, while also being assured of the other persons trust and experiencing a deep intimate bond. After all you wouldn’t let just anyone pee on you.

While looking into the various aspects of urine play, I was able to distinguish several forms.

Urophilia describes the sexual arousal of the sight, feeling or thought of urine. This can involve deriving pleasure from hearing someone pee, feel urine on your skin, pee yourself, smell urine or just talk about it and much more. You get the drill. Urophagia is a subcategory referring to the ingestion of urine.

Urine can also play a role in general Dom/Sub Sessions, like it does for my buddy Helmutt. Urine can thereby be used to “mark one’s territory”, or to display one’s submission by allowing the Dom to urinate on them or having them objectify you as an urinal. Naturally never without asking consent first. Oh, and vice versa, someone experiencing urolagnia or urophagia can be rewarded with urine.

All these possibilities. So I asked Helmutt how to approach this kind of play as a rookie participant and as he is such a worldly and experienced fella, he had a ton of advice for watersports beginners.


Pictures (2) taken by Ika Fan

Depending on your position in play, so whether you’re giving or receiving, there are various ways of enjoying your urine encounters. You could, for one, accompany your partner to the loo and slowly inch toward the flow with your hand, foot, mouth or whatever. You could also have fill some sort of a vessel alone or have your partner fill it to get the goods. Just remember to always drink lots of water and be patient. Even with an open-minded partner, sharing this new form of intimacy and the love for watersports may be challenging. Experiment with switching off the lights or blindfolding. Also great, the shower or tub, running water can help with letting go. To prevent a mess, you can always use a latex sheet which every well assorted sex shop should sell. And kids, I hate to sound like a broken record, but always, always, always ask consent. NEVER ASSUME.

To guarantee the best possible outcome of your watersports sessions, here are some more tips from Helmutt:

Before having someone ingest your urine, get tested. Some diseases, including Hepatitis A, are transmittable via your golden stream (I say: everyone always get tested no matter what).

If you are (regularly) taking medications of any kind check with your Doctor how and in which time span your body processes it, so as to not have your partner ingest it.

Stay hydrated! All parties involved. Your urine will have less of a stench to it, you have more to play with and a dehydrated body should not be confronted with hydration in the form of urine either.

If you wait a few seconds of peeing to start chugging away, a large part of the bacteria situated in the urinal tract will have been flooded out.

And always ask for consent.

Happy watersports from Helmutt and I!

All pictures in this post are taken by photographer Ika Fan <3
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