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Dear readers. Say hi to our newest Mimi&Käthe squad member, Virginia Heart. A young lady who makes heads turn whenever she passes by, to say the least. Therefore it seems more than suiting that Virginia’s first article for us is about her view on the Lolita complex. So what does our new girl on the team think about grown-up men who phantasize about young girls?

By Virginia Heart

„Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins.”
(Vladimir Nabokov, „Lolita“)

Ever since my sexuality first awakened I remember enjoying a trusty go-to fantasy which never fails to bring sensuality to hours of solace and banish ennui from interpersonal sexual encounters. Let me present to you: my teacher/professor/educated authority figure. He’s skeptical of my impetuous debating, but appreciative of the related enthusiasm. He disapprovingly narrows his steel-blue/dark green eyes, as I enter the classroom/lecture hall, late as usual. A glimpse at my adolescent navel, visible as I put down my bag and take off my jacket, dampens his discontent.

I doodle on my pad all through the lecture, looking up only to loudly disagree. I’m arrogant, presumptuous, a know-it-all, in short: insufferable by all cliché measures imaginable. We obviously need to talk about my behaviour so Mr. Tweedjacket asks me to stay after class. He approaches the issue diplomatically, pedagogical. He spares no effort and is met with contemptuously raised eyebrows…and a short view of the heart-print panties under my checkered miniskirt. The conversation obviously leads nowhere, so he dismisses me. As I imprudently bend over to pack my bag, he makes one last plea for reason. My cocky reply sets something off and he spanks me. In an intensity, that makes it leave a nice red mark on my tender teenaged bottom. He’s shocked, how could he let himself go like that? How can my startled squeal arouse him like that? He grabs his thick dark/grey/ginger hair and adjusts his horn-rimmed glasses in a desperate attempt to regain composure. This perfectly meets my (post)adolescent inclination to rebellion and I slowly turn around to lasciviously repeat my squealing, stepping towards him.  He frantically tries to quieten the sound, pressing his hand hard on my mouth. I tilt my head in a way that allows me to suck in his index finger down to the last joint. Finally, he disobeys his position. I am forced down on desk, where he rids me of the heart-print panties, resting one hand on my back and using the other to do as he pleases… .

I have been stuck with this fantasy in some variation since I was about 13. These mental adventures rarely involve mysterious imaginative educators. Most of the men these x-rated dreams revolve around have stood in front of a class I took more than once. I used to lie awake under my Pokémon linen urgently wishing for them to come true. This, however, would have been the absolute worst case scenario for underage me.


Due to a tragic misinterpretation of Humbert Humbert’s relation with Dolores Haze, Lolita today is a popular nickname for girls whose attractiveness makes men question just how law-abiding they are. The manipulation and, well, rape, this name encompasses is swept under the carpet. Men, they say, can’t control their urges. The girls were tempting, seducing them. And no matter their age, each man deserves a girl pretty and young. So every girl is groomed to be as pretty and sexy as possible early on. This, after all, will get them a man’s affection. And this is crucial.

At least this is what the modern media portrayal of the Lolita dynamic boils down to. Throw in some „honest” fondness and concern, should the object of desire venture to drink with her peers, and the audience will drool. This is where the issues begin. Minors are in a process of developing a taste for what they like. They are trying mindsets and behaviours. They might test their effect on adults. And there’s the reason why sex with minors is considered statutory rape. They are children. Children who are supposed to gain experience with other children, not adults. An adult character is less insecure, they are steadfast in their boundaries and confidence, which automatically makes them the controlling force in these situations. Children should never be a projection screen for adult fantasies.

Young girls are not Lolita, are no malleable items, waiting to be moulded into obedient partners. They are growing, expanding natural phenomena. Existing in their own right. If they should pop their bubblegum and eagerly reveal their emerging chest, they are not inviting you to invade their childhood. It makes her a jailbait as much as it makes men fishes. It’s a grown-up’s responsibility to turn away and ask themselves what makes adolescent girls so appealing to them. Being able to exert some sort of authority? Remembering youth long lost? Do underage girls appear to be less demanding? Or is it some sort of deeper psychological predisposition (hebephilia)? Whatever fosters the demand for an adolescent lover in a grown-up never justifies the damage this unbalanced relation might cause.


Pictures (2): Luna

The demand for fresh faced, however, is immense as various online search statistics show. „Teen Porn” is the most searched category specific term on numerous relevant websites. The girls shown in hits are all “eager to please”, „petite”, often „virgins” and „jailbaits” and most of all craving that „enormous cock”. „Inexperienced” Lolitas can be seen gurgling, gagging and moaning from POV perspective so skillfully, Linda Lovelace seems like a tonsillitis patient in comparison. Stages of brutality displayed in these clips vary enough to please every viewer.

In principle, there’s nothing wrong with that. Because even though actresses like Jojo Kiss and Shae Summers look like high schoolers, they are of age. But you don’t have to be a genius or a fan of sex industry documentaries like „Hot Girls Wanted” to know that actresses don’t always get to choose the circumstances of their profession. Especially in more rural areas, predominantly young girls and women use suspicious Craigslist adds as a presumed way to bigger, brighter things. Once involved, shame and fear too often inhibit them from standing up for themselves when facing objectionable conditions.

Don’t get me wrong. No one should feel the need to justify or excuse their sexual preferences. But no one should suffer for them either. So if you happen to feel yourself craving those slender hips and those Lollipop lips and you find your way to your trusty search engine, make sure your hard working eye candy grants you the pleasure out of her free will. And earns the money she deserves. You might have to do some research for that, but fair is the greatest way to cum.


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